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my dream

When I was a child I was taught to dream big, to have a big heart and to pay attention to the little stuff.

My work in marketing taught me the importance of thinking big and working really hard to create big ideas. And I have now spent more than 30 years looking at the big picture, running businesses for others and for myself.

But we all know that little things can be just as important.

That big isnt always best.

That we should, always, trust the little voice – whether we call this instinct or experience.

And that the best things in life, including competitive advantage, are inevitably built little by little. Some people call this marginal gains. I call it little big thinking.

That’s why I created my own agency. To deliver big agency talent with integrity, guts and heart, but (whisper it) with small agency overheads.

Why not drop me a line or give me a call?

jo leah

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