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the big picture

There is no formula for how to communicate today.

Marketing as we knew it is dead. The old ways just haven’t been buried yet. PR has changed forever. The speed of change is both amazing and disorientating. Amazing because we can choose endless ways to communicate.  Disorientating because we have less control.

I set up the little big agency to help businesses, brands and people drive and protect their reputations in this new world. A world where the story life cycle is unlimited and reputations can get big or be destroyed in very little time.

the little big offer

“I was trained by the best people in the world. I was told to be good, and then challenged to be better. Always.”

The little big difference comes from experience.

All communications agencies practice reputation management and relationship building. The best understand that story-telling lies at the heart of these skills. The most experienced understand that execution is informed and given its creative edge by insight.


study and think
little big will help you to look round corners to see what’s next – with research, analysis, and informed exchanges with academic friends and other experts who know their stuff.


create and curate
little big will help you to shape the messages and control the conversations you want to direct through brand investigation workshops, media monitoring and story curation. We will give you little or big energising ideas to sit at the heart of everything you do.


assess and activate
I will personally guide you towards the right communications approach, whether it’s live events, press releases, features, podcasts, white papers, awards, by-lined articles, stakeholder and influencer activity, sampling, brand alignments, speaker platforms, crisis management, leader profiling and everything else you’d expect.


measure and prove
Between us we will agree what success looks like and turn this into a promise to you from the little big agency. And I’ll stand by the advice given with an effectiveness pledge.

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