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Thanks, Weber.

After 20 years, it’s time to move on. Between us, your big brand and my original little PR business, we established the Weber Shandwick name in Manchester.

You gave me an incredible job and an even more extraordinary challenge.

The agency quadrupled in size in a decade. We built a passionate, proud and distinctive office with its own personality and attitude. And we made a little history.

We brought big global accounts like Aldi, Domino’s and Princes Group to the firm through that door in Knot Mill.

We planted the Weber flag in countries like Wales. We helped Liverpool deliver as European Capital of Culture. And we championed the Best Business Schools in the world.

We grew team after team of talented people. We were the conversation starters, the movement makers, the reputation guarders, the storytellers and the brand builders.

We swept the board at awards time, winning big and winning small.

And we were relentless. We pushed and then we pushed harder. And each of those pushes made Manchester bigger on Weber’s global map.

I want our legacy to continue to thrive.

Thanks, Weber. I loved every minute.

Jo Leah